Luis Ángel Arango Library

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The Banco de la República’s Luis Ángel Arango Library is the most important cultural complex of the country and one of the most modern in Latin America, it has a total built area of 44,000 square meters (473,612 square feet) completely equipped for studying, researching and approaching every field of culture. The library provides services such as on-line and in situ look-up, external and inter-library book borrowing, support to researchers, specialized information search and processing, and CD-ROM look-up.


It gathers several documentary collections owned by the Banco de la República: they comprise a rich set of books, periodic publications, archives and manuscripts, photographs, sound and video recordings, and digital documents. The documentary collection currently has a total of about 850,000 book titles and 23,000 periodic publication titles, totaling almost 1.2 million of books, and approximately 50,000 are added every year.


The architectural complex has, to the South side, the Mint House, the Botero Museum, and the Banco de la República Art Museum with its art and numismatics collection and rooms for temporal exhibitions; and to the North side, there are ten rooms specialized by knowledge fields (music, geography, social sciences, economics, arts and humanities, audiovisual arts, constitutional, rare books and manuscripts, science and technology). The library holds the world record of total look-ups per year.


Concert Room: This modern room, with a capacity for 367 people, has an organ that is built into its structure, and the room’s acoustic system and conditions make it one of the best concert rooms in Latin America. Many chamber music groups and the most prestigious solo musicians from Colombia and all around the world periodically perform in this room.
The Luis López de Mesa newspaper and periodicals library allows consulting national and foreign newspapers and magazines, reference material and it provides access to special collections, the map library, microfilm material, and to the Colombian musical instrument exhibition.


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